WhatsUP Gold & Plug-ins Training

Treningen vil bli holdt ved forespørsel. Minimum antall deltakere for å gjennomføre er fire stk.

WhatsUp Gold (WUG) & Plug-ins Training is an all-in-one course that delivers a series of “how to” lessons designed to elevate the novice WUG user to an expert level. 

WhatsUp Gold and Plug-ins Training is
a live, virtual, three consecutive-day session. Studends access hands-on lab exercises from Data Equipment’s premises in Oslo. This three-day course covers WhatsUp Gold and add-on modules:

  • Provides the practical knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to carry out your most important network management tasks
  • Features a series of stimulating and challenging hands-on lab exercises
  • Is the final course offered to prepare you for the WhatsUp Gold certification test.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be ready to adopt best practices to manage your WhatsUp Gold installation using the Virtual, Cloud Monitoring, Network Traffic Analysisand Configuration Management tools. You will also have gained the skill required to:

  • Troubleshoot network and systems performance issues
  • Manage user accounts and security using third-party authentication systems such as Active Directory®
  • Proactively monitor, identify, and resolve issues before they become end-user problems.





The course is designed to elevate the novice user to an expert level. The best-prepared students have a working knowledge of network/server administration and terms, and are just getting started using WUG but have less than two years of WUG experience.


The training and documentation will be in english.



  • Document your network devices
  • Map your network devices and connections
  • Monitor network devices and assess the performance of your network
  • Create alarms, actions, and alerts
  • Create reports and dashboards
  • Perform system administration and maintenance
  • Monitor remote sites from a central location
  • Monitor statistics of a virtual host
  • Identify Network and Server Performance issues


Deltagerne må ta med egen PC til bruk under kurset.

For dette kurset gjelder følgende avbestillingsregler:

Det er bindende påmelding 4 uker før kursstart.
Ved avbestilling etter denne dato vil kursavgiften bli belastes i sin helhet.
Du kan overdra din kursplass til en annen i din bedrift hvis du er forhindret til å delta.
De ovennevnte avbestillingsregler gjelder uansett årsak til avbestillingen.


For mer informasjon om kurset kontakt Kristin Eilertsen, kristin@dataequipment.no, mobil 99 55 77 19.



Praktisk informasjon

09:00 - 16:00
Data Equipment AS
Sandstuveien 70, inngang F
0680 Oslo

Treningen vil bli holdt ved forespørsel.
Minimum antall deltakere for å gjennomføre er fire stk.

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