WhatsUP Gold & Plug-ins Training

WhatsUp Gold (WUG) & Plug-ins Training is an all-in-one course that delivers a series of “how to” lessons designed to elevate the novice WUG user to an expert level.

 WhatsUp Gold and Plug-ins Training is an intensive, three-day course that:

  • Provides you with practical knowledge and problem-solving skills so you can carry out your most important network management tasks using the WUG product and its plug-ins
  • Features a series of stimulating and challenging hands-on lab exercises
  • Is the final course offered to prepare you for the WhatsUp Gold certification test.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be ready to:

  • Immediately apply the training and adopt best practices to manage your WUG deployment and WhatsVirtual,
  • WhatsConfigured, and Flow Monitor plug-ins
  • Troubleshoot issues with your network and systems
  • Manage user accounts and security using third-party authentication systems such as Active Directory®
  • Proactively monitor, identify, and resolve issues before they become end-user problems


The best-prepared students have a working knowledge of network/server administration and terms, and are just getting started using WUG but have less than two years of WUG experience.

The training and documentation will be in english.


  • Document your network devices
  • Map your network devices and connections
  • Monitor network devices and assess the performance of your network
  • Create alarms, actions, and alerts
  • Create reports and dashboards
  • Perform system administration and maintenance
  • Monitor remote sites from a central location
  • Monitor statistics of a virtual host
  • Identify Network and Server Performance issues


Deltagerne må ta med egen PC til bruk under kurset.

For dette kurset gjelder følgende avbestillingsregler:

Det er bindende påmelding 4 uker før kursstart.
Ved avbestilling etter denne dato vil kursavgiften bli belastes i sin helhet.
Du kan overdra din kursplass til en annen i din bedrift hvis du er forhindret til å delta.
De ovennevnte avbestillingsregler gjelder uansett årsak til avbestillingen.



Praktisk informasjon

09:00 - 16:00
Ingen kurs satt opp i første halvår 2019, men ta kontakt dersom ønske om bedriftsinternt kurs.

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