TRAPS: Cloud Service Operations (EDU-290)

Live Instructor-led training
The EDU-290 is a 4 x half day online training

Students will learn how Traps protects against exploits and malware-driven attacks.
In hands-on lab exercises, students will explore and configure new cloud-based Traps Management Service and install Traps endpoint components; build policy rules and profiles; enable and disable process protections; and integrate Traps with Palo Alto Networks WildFire® cloud service, which provides prevention and detection of zero-day malware.

Best Practices & Real Life Experience 

All of our instructors are security consultants that design, implement, migrate, manage and support Palo Alto Networks solutions all day, every day. It's this experience which they bring into the classroom to explain not only the theory but how to use the FireWall in real-life. Customers tell us that this is most valuable for them and what differentiates our training from most other training partners.


​​Video Recordings 

It's impossible to remember everything in live training, which is why we are recording it and share the video with you. If you like to start studying right away, then we can even share the videos of a previous course. 


Dedicated Lab

You will have access to your own dedicated lab for the week of the training plus the 3 weeks after. Your virtual lab comes with a lab guide for practical exercises and consists of a Traps Cloud instance, two Windows Server with endpoint-a being used as a Windows Client and endpoint-b being the Domain Controller, one Linux Client called endpoint-c as well as a Kali Linux server acting as the attacker.

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Endpoint Security Engineers, System Administrators, and Technical Support Engineers


Module 1: Traps Overview

  • How Sophisticated Attacks Work Today
  • Traps Multi-Method Threat Prevention
  • Traps Components and Resources

Module 2: Cloud Services

  • Application Framework and Cloud Services Portal
  • Shared Services and Traps Onboarding Flow

Module 3: Cloud- Based Management

  • Traps Service Dashboard and Licensing
  • Cross-Platform Agent and Agent Installation
  • Endpoints and Endpoint Groups

Module 4: Policy Rules and Profiles

  • Profiles and Policy Rules
  • Agent Settings Profile

Module 5: Malware Protection Flow

  • Traps Malware Protection Modules Overview
  • Restrictions Profiles, Malware Profiles, and Scanning

Module 6: Exploits and Exploitation Techniques

  • Application Exploit Prevention
  • Exploitation Techniques and Defense Mechanisms
  • Basics of Process Management (Optional)

Module 7: Exploit Protection Modules

  • Architecture and Overview
  • Exploit Protection Modules (EPMs)
  • Exploit Profiles

Module 8: Event Management

  • Security Event Logs and Exceptions
  • Endpoint and Server Logs
  • Manage Quarantined Files

Module 9: Basic Traps Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Methodology and Resources
  • Traps Cytool and Agent Identification
  • Traps Agent Log Files and Agent Persist Databases
  • Working with Technical Support

Module 10: Traps Architecture

  • AWS Services Used by Traps Service
  • Multi-Regional Architecture
  • Agent File Uploads and Downloads
  • Agent-Server Communication

Module 11: Directory Sync Service

  • Directory Sync Service – Activation and Setup
  • Troubleshooting



Students must have familiarity with enterprise security concepts.


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