2017-03 Palo-Alto--Whats-new-in-8W1140

Verdens første og beste Next-Generation Firewall har blitt enda bedre!

Største lansering siden etableringen av Palo Alto Networks.

PAN-OS 8.0: Protection. Delivered.

To provide organizations with the best security capabilities to prevent successful cyberattacks, PAN-OS® 8.0, includes a colossal amount of enhancements and capabilities, including:

  • Secure any cloud! AWS, Azure and more
  • Secure SaaS (Office 365®, Box, Slack®) with visibility and enforcement
  • Prevent sandbox evasion, automate C2 detection, and leverage advanced intel sharing
  • Prevent credential theft usage and abuse
  • Simplify security operations with enhanced management, speed and automation
  • New high-performance hardware models to tackle encrypted traffic and more

Learn more about the new Features Introduced in PAN-OS 8.0



Three amazing lines of hardware appliances from Palo Alto Networks.

PAN - 3-nye-produkter---800--5200-220-med-tekstW678

PA-5200 Series:

  • New advanced archiecture delivers up to 72 Gpbs App-ID and 30 Gbps Threat Prevetion Performance
  • Up to 32 sessions; 3,2M SSL decypt session capacity; 6,5 Gpbs SSL decrypt throughput
  • Higher 10G port density, 40G and 100G interace support for verse deployment

PA-800 Series:

  • High speed appliances up to 1.9 Gbps (App-ID) and 780 Mbps (Threat)
  • High performance management plane leveraging multiple CPU cores and 8GB memory
  • Redundant power for additional hardware resiliency (PA-850)
  • Flexible I/O for today and tomorrow’s network needs; 10G interfaces (PA-850)


  • Delivering full PAN-OS capabilities, in a small desktop footprint, with increased port density
  • Built-in resiliency with dual power adapters
  • Complete high availability support: active/active and active/passive
  • Passive and silent cooling to eliminate noise and increase reliability


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Palo Alto Networks kurs:

Firewall 8.0 Essentials: Configuration and Management (EDU-210)
Firewall 8.0 Debug and Troubleshoot (EDU-311)
Panorama 8.0: Manage Multiple Firewalls (EDU-221)
TRAPS 3.4: Install, Configure and Manage (EDU-281)
TRAPS 3.4 Deploy and Optimize (EDU-285)



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